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Rachel Rivero

Insurance Agent

Dog Mom, Artist, Entrepreneur, and Insurance Agent

Top Favorite TV Shows:

  • The Office
  • Law & Order SVU

Favorite Quote:
 “I walk on the ashes of my heart because I carry the fire in my soul.” – Ventum

Favorite Charities: Peggy AdamsPlace of HopeKids Cancer Foundation

Rachel believes in providing the best service to each customer that calls. In March 2021 she joined Wiglesworth-Rindom as an account manager and provides exemplary service to customers while ensuring they have the best combination of coverage, service, and price.

Rachel was born and raised in Cuba until she and her family moved to Florida at the age of 10. Before working at Wiglesworth-Rindom, Rachel worked in customer service for 13 years, eight and a half being specifically in the insurance industry. Outside of work, she enjoys painting, photography, and even freelancing as a makeup artist and spending time with her beloved dog, Theo.

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