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Teresa Pesce

Teresa Pesce

Client Relations Specialist

New Yorker & Rangers Mega-Fan

Teresa started working with Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance in 2022. Since then, she has maintained that a crucial part of the industry is “being personable; we have to learn how to communicate and relate with an upset client, and ideally: have them leave happier.” With an industry such as insurance, where interactions may be very routine, our team strives to get to know our customers as individuals. While maintaining that personable human connection, Teresa works toward educating clients and assisting them with whatever insurance needs they may have.

Teresa is our resident-New Yorker. She was raised in a “big, loud Italian family” and is very self-motivated in all her goals. With her Italian-New Yorker background, Teresa knows the importance of not passing blame. This has served her for over 20 years in the customer service industry; whether it be as a restaurant owner, director of operations at a cell phone company, or assistant manager at a spa, she has solved the issues that come her way. Outside of work, she is the same way (except for when the New York Rangers hockey team loses, and then she might blame someone else).

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