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July 28, 2021

6 Weird Insurance Claims In Florida

Picture of a pool cue aimed at a fish bowl in an example of one of the weird insurance claims

When thinking about insurance claims, most people likely think of common incidences: flooding, theft, fire, or a fender bender. If your friend told you they had to file an insurance claim, it’s not likely you would think it was because their ex got trapped in a chimney.

Weird, right?

So, here are six insurance claims so bizarre that even we couldn’t quite believe them.

6. Painting With Paw-casso

They say you can’t teach a dog new tricks. While they are very skilled creatures, painting is a trick they probably shouldn’t learn

While repainting her house, the homeowner left a container of paint unattended. Then, her dog dipped their tail in the paint. While happily wagging, the entire home’s interior was covered in paint.

Her insurance paid the claim, effectively ending the dog’s career as an artist.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

We hear it all the time: practice makes perfect. One woman, excited to take up bowling, decided to hone her skill at home.

She quickly realized that although she was up for the challenge, her hardwood floors were not. When filing a report with her insurance company, she claimed the many dents and scrapes weren’t due to the bowling ball but due to the hardwood floors not being durable enough.

The insurance company did not cover the damages.

4. Three-in-One: Shampoo, Conditioner, and Gasoline(?)

While 3-in-1 shampoo may work as a body wash substitute, it should be noted shampoo is not a universal substitute.

One insured found this out the hard way when she “accidentally” poured a bottle of shampoo into her car’s fuel tank. Causing her to take a trip straight to the claims department of her insurance agency.

3. Murphy’s Law In Action

As Murphy’s Law dictates: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

A driver smashed the car’s taillight in front of him, so he reversed to see the damage. While reversing, he hit the bumper of the car behind him. Finally, he decided to get out to assess the damage of the accidents. In doing so, he knocked down a passing cyclist!

While this series of errors may have been comedic to onlookers, the driver was probably less amused with this funny insurance claim.

2. You’ve GOAT To Be KID-ing Me

We all know as a driver that the pedestrian has the right of way. Well, in this case, the pedestrians were actually a herd of goats.

An auto owner decided the best way to scare them away and urge the herd to continue across the road was to honk. Luckily, it worked…Unluckily, it worked too well, and three goats were so startled they ran off the road and onto the roof of his car. A fourth goat also caused damage to a wheel by rubbing its horns against it. Once the goats finally left, dents and scratches were all over the car in their wake.

Despite how funny this auto insurance claim was driver’s comprehensive auto coverage did cover the damages.

1. An Unwanted Christmas Gift

A homeowner woke up one night to the voice of his ex-girlfriend yelling his name. Since they had not ended on great terms, he assumed she was playing a prank. As he was falling back asleep, he heard her voice again.

When he proceeded downstairs, she was nowhere to be found, not even outside. He continued to follow her voice back into his living room where realization set in.

His ex got herself trapped in his chimney.

After his own rescue attempt didn’t work, he called 911. Firefighters spent two hours getting the wannabe Santa Claus out, which resulted in a large hole in the face of the chimney.

His insurance covered the chimney’s repairs but couldn’t repair that relationship.

Final Thoughts

Many of these situations may seem too absurd to happen to the average person. The insureds involved probably also believed the situations could never happen to them — before it happened.

Despite how bizarre insurance can be sometimes, Insurance is about peace of mind. Whether it’s for a fender bender or when your car gets trampled by a herd of goats. You can know you’re protected, and if you need a quote for more coverage after reading these zany claims, you can rely on the agents at Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency. Call us at 561-637-2424

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