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Flood Insurance in Boynton Beach and Stuart, Florida

Flood damage is typically not included with a standard homeowners insurance policy. Without a separate flood insurance policy, you could be responsible for costly out-of-pocket expenses that could cause serious financial hardship.

Contact Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency in Stuart and Boynton Beach, Florida, to learn more about our flood insurance policies.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

A flood insurance policy can help pay for damage to the structure of your house or belongings caused by flooding. Generally, flood insurance comes with two types of coverage: structures coverage and contents coverage.

Structures coverage may help pay for flood damage to the structure of your house and other buildings on your property. The following items may be covered under your flood insurance policy:

  • Porches, fences, detached garages, sheds and other structures
  • Solar energy equipment
  • Fuel tanks, well water tanks and pumps
  • Permanent fixtures (e.g., cabinetry, carpeting, bookcases)
  • Water heaters and furnaces
  • Staircases and foundation walls
  • Electrical and plumbing systems

Contents coverage may help cover the cost to repair or replace your belongings if they’re damaged due to covered flood losses. For example, the following items may be covered under your policy:

  • Clothing and furniture
  • Electronics
  • Curtains
  • Window air conditioners
  • Washers and dryers
  • Microwave ovens

When it comes to flood insurance, the cause of flooding matters. Speak to your insurance agent or contact Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency for more information.

Where Is Flood Insurance Required?

Floods can occur anywhere, but not all properties experience the same levels of risk. The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides community flood maps to help homeowners understand flood risk in their area. Flood insurance is generally required for mortgage-backed houses in high-risk flood zones.

The agents at Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency can help you understand your flood risk. Contact us for a quick flood insurance quote.

How Much Flood Insurance Do I Need?

If flood insurance is required, you will typically need to secure enough flood insurance to rebuild your house if it’s destroyed, up to your maximum flood insurance coverage limit, whichever is lower. Depending on your insurance needs, you may want to consider purchasing more coverage than is strictly required.

Even if flood insurance isn’t required, you should consider buying enough flood insurance to replace your belongings and rebuild your house if it’s destroyed.

Where Can I Get Coverage?

We’re here to help you find the right flood insurance policy for your Florida house. Contact Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency to learn more about our flood insurance policies and to speak to an insurance agent.

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