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Insurance Discounts

Below are some of the discounts we can offer through our large network of insurance carriers. If you have any questions, contact us today!

• Pay In Full
• Paperless Discount
• EFT payment
• Automatic Credit Card payment discount
• Monthly payment discount
• Homeowner Discount
• Telematics
• Water Monitoring
• Water Monitoring with Automatic Shut off
• Marriage Discount
• Occupation Discounts
• Highest Level of Education Discounts
• Sprinkler Discounts
• Burglar Alarm Credits
• Fire Alarm Credits
• Gated Community Discounts
• Limited Access Community Discounts
• New Roof Discounts
• Wind Mitigation Credits (Hurricane Protection Discounts)
• Hurricane Shutter Credits
• Roof Shape Credits
• Age of Home Credits
• Claim Free Discounts
• Accident Free Discount
• Good Driver Discounts
• Senior Driver Safety Courses Discounts
• Good Student Discount
• Distant Student Discounts (College Students away from school without a supplied vehicle)
• Insurance Credit Score Discounts
• Secondary Water Resistance Discount
• Multi-Vehicle Discount
• Bundle Discount
• Multi-Policy Discount
• Advance Quote Discount
• HVAC Maintenance contract discounts
• Preferred Builder Discounts
• Approved Subdivision discounts

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