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October 8, 2019

Avoid Distracted Driving

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With the ongoing increase in technology usage in our daily lives, distracted driving continues to be a huge problem.

In a recent study done by Travelers, 77% of drivers make or take phone calls while driving. 31% of drivers say they’ve had a near miss due to distracted driving. Taking or making phone calls, engaging on social media and using GPS maps and navigation are the biggest technology-related distractions.

Drivers acknowledge that the most dangerous behaviors are texting or emailing, using social media, recording videos, taking pictures and shopping on your phone while driving. (Source)

Fighting Distracted Driving

A bill was recently filed that toughens Florida’s texting-while-driving ban that makes it illegal to operate vehicles while “manually holding or otherwise touching a wireless communication device.” 

Part of the law is in effect that allows police to pull over drivers for texting while driving. In the past, they could only cite texting while driving if they were pulled over for another reason.

Since it went into effect police have issued 463 warnings and 605 tickets for texting and driving. (Source)

What Can YOU Do?

Travelers recommends putting your phone in “do not disturb” to help remove the temptations to browse online. Vowing not to multitask while you’re behind the wheel. If you know a family member or friend is driving avoid calling or texting them. Make sure your kids and pets are secure in the back seat so they’re not distracting while roaming around the car. Be a good role model and lead by example using your good behaviors when driving with friends and family. If someone driving you is on their phone or otherwise, speak up. They are likely to stop if they know that you feel uncomfortable and it could save a life.

Keep this in mind and share this information with someone you love to make sure you help protect yourself and others while on the road.

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