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September 23, 2021

Bundling Auto Insurance: What Will You Really Save?

You may hear that you can save money by bundling auto insurance. The process involves buying car insurance and other insurance with one insurer. Buying more than one policy from the same agency may help you save money.  

This type of insurance offer is available from many insurers. It is a benefit to the insurance companies, of course. However, it can also save drivers a significant amount of money. Equifax reports it can help individuals save between 3 and 22 percent on insurance costs. 

Why Does Bundling Save Money? 
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It is possible to reduce your costs by bundling auto insurance plans with other insurers. Many insurers allow you to bundle car insurance with home, life and specialized coverage. You will likely need to be the owner of each asset. Or, multiple people can often be on the same policy. For example, a family with three cars can bundle those three cars into one plan. This is possible usually as long as all three people live in the same home. In each of these situations, it can often save you a significant amount of money. 

Insurers offer discounts because it means you will get more than one policy with the agency. This is a good thing for them. It also offers benefits to owners: 

  • It is easier to manage payments for all insurance products. 

  • It makes filing a claim easy to do. 

  • You have just one insurance agent to connect with when you need help. 

  • You save money overall. 

  • Coverage updates and changes are simple to notice and change. 

But, Don’t Stop There 

If you are unsure if bundling insurance will benefit you, get quotes from multiple insurers. Compare the price of car insurance when it is in a single policy. Get quotes for home insurance or other coverage you need separately. By doing this, it streamlines the process. You can see if this will save you money or not. Compare bundles from several insurers as well. Overall, it is easy to do this. 

Bundling auto insurance is easier to do than many believe. It offers significant savings opportunities for most drivers. However, drivers should do their own homework. Learn where the advantages are. Find out how much of a savings this can offer to you. Why spend more for the same amount of coverage elsewhere? It may be a simple decision to make. 

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