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June 28, 2021

Consider Insurance When Buying a Condo

The investment in a condo is a big decision. You may be looking to relocate, purchase your first home or even downsize from a large home you no longer need. Condos are very different in terms of ownership and liability than traditional homes. In most cases, you now have a condo association to deal with for every aspect of your ownership. This can help to defray some of the costs of Condo Insurance. However, it is still wise for you to invest in learning about the very specific features of these policies. 
Inside of Condo
Standard Property Coverage 

A key component of any Condo Insurance policy is to provide property coverage. This protects your personal belongings — such as furniture, artwork, kitchen appliances and clothing. It can also help to pay for costs related to repairs from fires happening within the building. And it can protect your assets from damage or theft. 

Liability Coverage 

You remain responsible for ensuring your property is safe for those who visit. While the common areas of the condo may not be a liability risk to you, you need bodily injury, property damage claims and litigation protection in nearly all cases that involve your unit. 

Temporary Housing and Expenses 

In some cases, you may experience a significant loss of use of your property. If this should occur, you’ll appreciate having a Condo Insurance plan that covers temporary housing and expenses related to a new location. 

Identity Theft Protection 

Some insurance policies offer additional options, including Identity Theft protection. This coverage is not available from all providers. However, it can help to cover the costs related to restoring your identity should it be stolen. 

In addition to these coverage options, you may also want to purchase additional insurance plans for high-value items you own, such as a coin collection or fine art piece. And you might want to cover yourself from higher levels of liability risk with Umbrella Insurance. Talk to your agent to learn about the key features of any Condo Insurance policy you select. This helps ensure you are well protected, no matter what you are facing in your new location. 

Get the right coverage today. Call Wiglesworth-Rindom Insurance Agency Services 561-637-2424 for more information on Condo Insurance. 

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