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October 15, 2019

Our July 2019 Referral Charity Winner!

Sue and Bill Mann posing with a giant check with Insurance Agent Lee Wiglesworth

Sue and Bill Mann are our July 2019 Referral Charity Program Winner!

Sue and Bill Mann chose The Pap Corps Cancer Research (TPCCR) to be the recipient of the July 2019 referral charity donation. Sue chose TPCCR because her husband has been battling cancer with the help of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and feels like supporting their cancer research is a very worthwhile cause.

Sue is originally from Ohio and Bill was born and raised in Massachusetts. She is an administrator for a private charity foundation that works with environmental organizations as well as health, social, arts and humanities and education organizations. He was with the Massachusetts State Police for 20 years until he moved to Florida where he became an evidence custodian at the Boynton Police Department, where he retired after 10 years.

In their free time, Bill and Sue love to travel; they recently returned from a three-week river cruise going from Amsterdam to Budapest and when they returned they immediately went on a trip to the mountains of North Carolina.

The Pap Corps Logo

The Pap Corps Cancer Research

More than 60 years ago, Dr. George Papanicolau (who this organization is named in honor of) discovered that cancer could be detected early enough to cure it. His discovery has since saved millions of lives and is now the most widely used cancer screening method in the world. This breakthrough sparked the passion of a small group of courageous women. They recognized that scientists, like Dr. Papanicolau, needed money to explore new ways to fight all types of cancer.  The mission of the nonprofit organization they founded in 1952 remains unchanged six decades later.

Today, The Pap Corps Champions for Cancer Research has 53 chapters and 21,000 members across South Florida. Volunteers raise funds year-round to support cancer research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Every research project supported by The Pap Corps (including the ones that never make it out of the lab) adds to the knowledge of cancer.  Our founder’s vision is best summed up with a quote by Thomas Edison (1847-1931): “We haven’t failed. We now know a thousand things that won’t work, so we’re that much closer to finding what will.”  It is easy to be a Champion for Cancer Research! Join a chapter, make a donation, or attend an event.  Help make a big impact on cancer prevention, treatment, and survival!

To learn more about The Pap Corps by visiting their website www.papcorps.org

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