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December 5, 2019

Place of Hope Charity – Beards for Hope Campaign – Thank You!

All 20 Insurance Agents holding a giant check for the grand total of the charity donation
Thank you to everyone who supported our No Shave November campaign “Beards for Hope” by donating to Place of Hope!


Your generous donations have helped us to raise over $2800 for Place of Hope to help children who have experienced trauma caused by abuse and neglect. With your support, we are able to assist Place of Hope in helping to build an atmosphere of hope rather than despair and instill confidence in what the future CAN be rather than what has been. They provide children and families the opportunity to lead productive lives, free from fear, endangerment and abuse.

Another huge thank you goes out to our employees who grew out their beards and asked their friends and family to donate to such an amazing cause!

Picture of the donation page for the beards for hope campaign


It’s not too late to support Place of Hope! If you would like to donate click here!


If you would like to learn about more events or learn how you can help us help the community follow us on Facebook or click here to learn about our charity referral program.


Check out our November Beard Progress below!


Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Lee Wiglesworth       Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Matt Rindom

Lee Wiglesworth                                                    Matt Rindom

Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Brady Nolan     Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Clarence Pierre

Brady Nolan                                                    Clarence Pierre

Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Jacob Lauver     Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Dennis Mayo

Jacob Lauver                                                     Dennis Mayo

Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Kyle Cocchia     Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Brett White

Kyle Cocchia                                                          Brett White

Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Justin Smiley     Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Mark Rindom

Justin Smiley                                                       Mark Rindom

Beard Growth Week 1-4 - Martin Del Villar

Martin Del Villar

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