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August 26, 2022

“We Give Back” Winner — August 2022

Wiglesworth-Rindom gives back to Nassau/Suffolk Autism Society

Susan Kornspan has chosen the Nassau/Suffolk Autism Society of America (NSASA) to receive the $500 donation as part of the Wiglesworth-Rindom Charity Referral Program. Susan wants to give back to NSASA because she has a family member with autism and knows firsthand what the society does for families in the local Long Island community. The level of care and support that NSASA pours into the community has been beneficial to over 4,000 families they servce; they also provide free educational, social, and recreational opportunities for these families. NSASA doesn’t stop there; donations also go toward local school programs and provide the proper technology, class materials and community activities for school autism programs. Their mission “is to provide lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals within the autism spectrum, and their families, to be fully participating, included members of their community.”

Susan moved from New York to Florida four and a half years ago. This is just another reason why the Nassau and Suffolk community is so close to her heart. She and her husband have two children as well as two grandchildren. In her free time, Susan enjoys reading and playing pickleball. To learn more about the NSASA, visit: https://www.nsasa.org/

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