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July 20, 2023

“We Give Back” Winner — June 2023

Stacie & Michael Mascitelli donated $500 to Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation as part of Wiglesworth-Rindom’s “We Give Back” Charity Referral Program.

The foundation was established in 2004 by Barbara and Jack Nicklaus. After a lifesaving medical event in 1966, involving their only daughter, Nan, they pledged to help children and families around the world access pediatric healthcare however possible. The foundation supports Nicklaus Children’s Hospitals and programs that help to focus on diagnosis & treatment of childhood illnesses. In 2015, the Miami Children’s Hospital was renamed to Niklaus Children’s Hospital; an outpatient center was built locally in Palm Beach Gardens. Since 2004, over $165 million has been raised by donations to help advance pediatric initiatives while serving over 119 children from around the world.

If you would like to learn more about the foundation, please visit: Donate – Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation (nchcf.org)

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