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April 2, 2021

Weird Florida Laws

GavelFlorida is known for many things: oranges, sunshine, beaches, and being really weird. So, it should come as no surprise that certain Florida laws are no different.

Here are some of the most strange and straight up bizarre laws in Florida that will have you laughing out loud and leave you scratching your head.

Top 10 Weirdest Florida Laws

  1. In Florida, it is illegal to shower naked. I’m not sure who’s checking up on this, but I’m pretty sure most of us have broken this one.
  2. You need to pay for the parking meter if you tie an elephant, goat, or alligator to it. Here I thought owning a Labrador retriever was a lot of work.
  3. You might want to reconsider how much you want a horse. If you are convicted of horse theft the written law in Florida still states that the penalty is death by hanging.
  4. In Broward County, by law, you cannot be “inappropriately attired” if you are operating a hot dog stand. So make sure you suit up before you start cooking those frankfurters.
  5. Want to go skydiving on a Sunday? Be careful, apparently it is illegal in Florida for unmarried women to do so and can result in jail time.
  6. I’m not sure who thought this was a business idea — but regardless, in Florida it is illegal to sell ice cream or other treats in a cemetery.
  7. Time to cancel your beach side karaoke plans, as it is illegal to sing in a public place while you are wearing a swimsuit.
  8. In Miami Beach, it is illegal to sell oranges on the sidewalk. I guess we’ll have to resort to selling other fruits then.
  9. If you have bad gas you better get it out during the day, because Florida law states that breaking wind is illegal after 6 PM
  10. Unfortunately, in Miami Beach, it is illegal to bring a pig with you to the beach. I guess we’ll have to bring Ham-ilton somewhere else.

Outlandish doesn’t even begin to cover some of these ridiculous Florida laws.

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