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March 30, 2021

What You Should Know About Home Inventories

Home InteriorIf I asked you to list all of the items in your home, would you be able to? It’s easy to assume that you could, but imagine doing so after a hurricane or a fire. This is why preparing for a loss in advance is beneficial, rather than relying only on memory during a stressful time.

When Would I Use One?

A home inventory is an invaluable resource. It ensures that if something happens and you lose property, you don’t forget anything when filing your claim. That way, you don’t end up missing out on the valuable coverage you deserve.

How Do I Make A Home Inventory?

Make your inventory as complete and detailed as possible, and remember to update it as you purchase new items.
Take pictures or a video of each room, including closets, storage, the attic, inside each drawer, etc. Date stamp each photo and video with the date they were taken.

If available, take pictures of receipts, brand names, and serial numbers of each item, especially for costly items.
Review your policy’s personal property coverage limit annually and ensure they are high enough to cover the items on your inventory.

Where Should I Store It?

Make copies of your picture and video files, store them on a flash drive in a fireproof safe, or keep them online, such as Google Drive or iCloud. You can even email them to yourself and save them to your archives to access the files anywhere you can check your emails.

If you prefer, we have a home inventory list available on our website under Resources > Document Library.

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