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November 13, 2019

Holiday Travel Tips

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Holiday travel can be incredibly busy, expensive and stressful, but don’t let crowded airports and busy roads get you down. Here are some tips to help alleviate holiday stress!

Fly Early or Drive Late

While flying early in the morning may seem like a harsh way to begin the holidays. It can actually make much of the process a lot easier. Leaving early allows for time just in case the unpredictable happens. Such as heavy traffic or unexpected car trouble. According to ytravelblog.com, most people don’t like to fly early in the morning. Which means you will have a better airport experience and experience fewer delays. 

However, if you are driving, it may be easier to begin heading to your destination after dark when the roads are almost always emptier. Just be sure to avoid drowsy driving.

Pack Light

Do your best to pack light and try to avoid checking bags if you can manage it. Doing so will save you time at the airport and makes it easier to get another flight if your previous one is canceled. Travelchannel.com recommends that “if you do check luggage, make sure you have all your medications, important documents and a change of clothes in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost.”

Avoid Peak Travel Days

On Thanksgiving, Wednesday is the busiest travel day and be avoided for holiday travel at all costs. If possible traveling on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day is typically easier and more affordable. (Source)

Call Your Bank or Card Company

Your bank or credit card company is always on the lookout for suspicious behavior. Let them know you are traveling so that they can notate it on your account. This can save you the headache of having your card deactivate while you are traveling.

Expect the Unexpected

The holiday travel season is one of the most hectic and crazy times to travel. If you go into the season with an open mindset and are ready for something to potentially go wrong you won’t be taken by surprise if it does. So be prepared and take unexpected hindrances in stride.

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